Skillshare Affiliate Review- Best Learning Platform In 2024  

Are you interested in making money through affiliate marketing in 2024? Joining the Skillshare affiliate program is a great way to earn commission by promoting Skillshare’s online learning courses. This in-depth Skillshare affiliate review covers everything you need to know about the program.

As a Skillshare affiliate, you can earn commission for every new customer you refer to Skillshare. You’ll get a competitive commission rate for every new Skillshare member that signs up via your affiliate link.

In this Skillshare affiliate review, we’ll cover all the details about becoming a Skillshare affiliate, how their affiliate program works, tips for promoting Skillshare successfully and more. Let’s dive in!

What Is Skillshare?


Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of classes across creative skills like illustration, design, photography and more. With over 7 million students worldwide, Skillshare is a huge player in the world of online education.

How Does the Skillshare Affiliate Program Work?

The Skillshare affiliate program is free to join and available to anyone looking to make money promoting online learning courses.

Here’s an overview of how their affiliate program works:

  • You sign up for a free Skillshare account if you don’t already have one. This allows you to explore the platform and view available courses.
  • You join the Skillshare affiliate program through Impact, their affiliate platform. This is where you access promo materials and your unique affiliate link.
  • You promote Skillshare on your website, social media, email list or other channels. Send traffic to your unique affiliate link.
  • When someone signs up for a paid Skillshare membership through your link, you earn a commission on their subscription fees. Commissions are tracked for 30 days.
  • Skillshare pays affiliates monthly when commissions reach $50. Payments are issued via PayPal.

It’s free to join the program and easy to get started promoting Skillshare courses in just a few steps.

What is the Skillshare Affiliate Commission Rate?

One of the best parts of the Skillshare affiliate program is the commission rate. You’ll earn 45% commission on every new paying member you refer.

This means if someone signs up for a Skillshare Premium annual membership at $168 per year, you would earn $75.60. The commission rate is very competitive compared to other affiliate programs.

You’ll earn commission when someone starts a paid subscription after clicking your affiliate link, not just for free trial sign ups. Skillshare uses 30-day cookies to track referrals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Skillshare Affiliate

Ready to get started as a Skillshare affiliate? Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Create a Free Skillshare Account

First, you need to sign up for a free Skillshare account if you don’t already have one. Explore the courses, playlists and other content on the platform.

Familiarize yourself with what Skillshare offers so you can better promote it to your audience. See what draws people to the platform.

2. Sign Up as an Affiliate Through Impact

Next, go to Impact Radius and click “Apply Now” to create your affiliate account.

You’ll need to provide some basic info about your website or other platform where you plan to promote your Skillshare affiliate link. There are also other brands you can promote on Impact.

3. Get Approved for the Program

Skillshare will review your affiliate application and approve you within 1-2 business days in most cases. You’ll receive an email once you’ve been accepted into the program.

After approval, login to your Impact dashboard. This is where you can access marketing materials like banners, text links and more. You’ll also find your unique affiliate link to track referrals.

Now it’s time to start promoting Skillshare! Choose your promotion ideas and platforms. Here are some options:

  • Blog content about online learning and Skillshare
  • Social media posts showcasing Skillshare classes
  • Email sequences highlighting Skillshare for your audience
  • Promote on YouTube, podcasts, Pinterest or other channels
  • Add text links or banners on your site directing people to Skillshare

Make sure to use your unique affiliate link so you get credit for sign ups. Get creative and see what works for driving referral traffic.

6. Earn Commissions!

Once your promotions start driving sign ups through your affiliate link, you can sit back and watch your commissions roll in! Remember, you’ll earn 45% of every new member’s subscription fees.

Skillshare sends out affiliate payments each month when you hit the $50 minimum payout.

Tips for Promoting Skillshare as an Affiliate

Here are some top tips for maximizing your commissions as a Skillshare affiliate:

Highlight specific courses or topics. Don’t just promote Skillshare as a whole. Feature certain classes that would appeal to your audience and share why they are valuable.

Offer an exclusive discount or free trial. You can create custom coupon codes to incentivize sign ups through your link.

Write in-depth reviews. Create blog posts and videos reviewing your experience taking Skillshare classes. Link to them across platforms.

Repurpose content. Turn one in-depth blog post into shorter social media posts, graphics and snippets to maximize reach.

Use email sequences. Send a series of emails to your list highlighting Skillshare courses and offer your affiliate link.

Promote to cold traffic. Take out social media ads, guest post on niche sites and find other ways to get your Skillshare affiliate link in front of new potential customers.

Skillshare Affiliate Program Alternatives

Here are 5 alternatives to the Skillshare affiliate program for earning commissions promoting online learning products:

1. Udemy Affiliate Program

  • Udemy is one of the largest online course marketplaces, with over 130,000 courses.
  •  Their affiliate program offers commissions up to 50%.
  •  You can promote specific courses or niches relevant to your audience.

2. Coursera Affiliate Program

  •  Coursera partners with top universities to offer online degrees and courses.
  •  Affiliates earn 20% commission on Coursera subscriptions.
  •  Their brand and education focus appeals to many audiences.

3. edX Affiliate Program

  •  edX offers over 2,500 courses from 140 institutions like Harvard and MIT.
  •  As an edX affiliate you can earn 20% commission.
  •  Their prestigious university partners give edX authority in education.

4. MasterClass Affiliate Program

Master Class
  • MasterClass provides online classes taught by celebrities and industry leaders.
  • Affiliates earn up to 15% commission promoting MasterClass.
  • The unique instructor appeal makes it stand out from competitors. 

5. Thinkific Affiliate Program

  • Thinkific allows users to create and sell online courses.
  • Affiliates earn 20% commission on new Thinkific subscriptions.
  •  You can target entrepreneurs interested in course creation.

6. LinkedIn Learning

Linkedin Learning
  • LinkedIn Learning offers over 16,000 expert-led courses for business, technology, and creative skills.
  • As a LinkedIn Learning affiliate, you can earn 20% commission on monthly and annual subscriptions.
  • The brand authority of LinkedIn makes it appealing for promoting business and professional development courses.
  • You can target LinkedIn users, corporate training managers, and working professionals looking to enhance their skills.
  • LinkedIn Learning integrates directly with LinkedIn profiles, so it provides added value for users.

In summary, top alternatives to Skillshare include the major online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera and edX as well as unique offerings like LinkedIn Learning, MasterClass and Thinkific. Each offers nice recurring commission potential.

Summary of Key Points:

  • Skillshare pays 45% commission on new member subscriptions
  • Free to join their affiliate program through Impact
  • Promote using your unique affiliate link across platforms
  • Use email, social media, paid ads, content and more to drive sign ups
  • Affiliates must hit $50 to get monthly payouts via PayPal
  • Skillshare is a leading online learning platform with 7M+ students
  • Highlight specific courses and niches instead of just the Skillshare brand
  • Offer discounts and promotions to boost conversions from your link
  • Write in-depth Skillshare reviews and content to establish authority

Skillshare Affiliate Program FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions about the Skillshare affiliate program:

How much does Skillshare pay affiliates?

You earn 45% commission on every new customer that signs up through your link. Commission is based on the membership plan they purchase.

When do they pay affiliates?

Affiliates are paid monthly once your commissions reach the $50 minimum payout threshold. Payments are sent via PayPal.

Do referrals from free trials count?

Yes, you’ll earn the commission if the referred user starts a paid subscription after the free trial.

How long do cookies last?

Skillshare uses 30-day cookies to track affiliate referrals and commissions.

Can I promote Skillshare on social media?

Yes, you can promote your Skillshare affiliate links on any platform including social media sites. Just follow each platform’s affiliate marketing guidelines.

Do I need a website to join?

No, but you need some type of platform to share your affiliate link – social media account, YouTube channel, email list, etc. A website helps but isn’t required.

Can I use coupon codes?

Yes, you can create custom coupon codes to promote over your affiliate link. These can help incentivize sign ups.

What marketing materials do they provide?

You’ll have access to banners, text links and other promo assets. Skillshare also provides tips for driving traffic and conversions.

So in summary, the Skillshare affiliate program offers nice commissions, recurring income potential, a well known brand and lots of helpful resources for affiliates.

Signing up is quick and easy. If you want to start earning commission promoting online education in 2023, the Skillshare affiliate program is a great choice!

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