Fiverr Affiliate Program Review: How to Make Money Promoting Fiverr Services

Are you looking for an honest review of the Fiverr affiliate program to find out if it’s worth promoting? With this in-depth guide, learn how the Fiverr affiliate program works, how much money you can make, and tips for making your Fiverr affiliate marketing successful.

Fiverr has become one of the most popular online marketplaces, offering a wide range of digital services starting at just $5 per job. As an affiliate, you can earn commissions by promoting Fiverr and referring new customers to purchase services. But is the Fiverr affiliate program a viable way to make money online?

In this extensive review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about becoming a Fiverr affiliate and earning passive income simply by promoting their marketplace. Read on to learn the commission structure, benefits of the program, tips from successful affiliates, and whether Fiverr’s affiliate program is worthwhile compared to other affiliate programs out there.

How Does the Fiverr Affiliate Program Work?

Fiverr’s affiliate program is free to join and easy to get set up with. As an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link to promote Fiverr. When someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase on Fiverr, you’ll earn a commission.

Here are the basics of how the affiliate program works:

  • Sign Up: Join Fiverr’s affiliate program and get access to your unique affiliate link and dashboard. Registration is free and instant.
  • Promote Fiverr: Share your affiliate link on your website, social media, YouTube, email newsletters, etc. to promote Fiverr services and drive traffic.
  • Earn Commissions: You’ll earn commission on every new customer that you refer to Fiverr and who makes a purchase.
  • Get Paid: Commissions are paid out every 30 days via PayPal for balances over $100 or can be accumulated.

The great thing about Fiverr’s affiliate program is that it’s incredibly easy to join and start earning. As soon as you’re approved, you get instant access to your performance dashboard and all the promotional materials and banners to embed on your site. We’ll get into more details further in this post on how their program works and tips for earning the most commissions.

Why Promote Fiverr? Pros and Cons of Their Affiliate Program

So why should you consider promoting Fiverr over other affiliate programs? Here are some of the main benefits:

High Commissions – You can earn between $15- $150 CPA commission depending on the services your first time buyer purchases. Most affiliate programs pay between 5-15% commissions.

Established Marketplace– Fiverr is an established brand in the freelance services space with strong name recognition and an existing audience. This makes it easier to promote.

Scalable Earnings– The sky’s the limit on your potential commissions. The more traffic you drive, the more you can earn. Top affiliates earn 5-6 figures per month.

However, there are a couple potential drawbacks to consider:

Competitive Niche– Affiliate marketing and online services is a crowded space. But focusing your efforts can help you stand out.

Overall, Fiverr’s program stands out for offering generous, recurring commissions and a scalable opportunity without minimum qualifications to earn. Even if you don’t have a huge audience already, you can start small and grow your earnings over time.

Next let’s look at what others who have joined the affiliate program have to say.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Reviews – What Real Affiliates Are Saying

The best way to get an honest perspective on the affiliate program is to see what current members have to say.

Here are excerpts from real Fiverr affiliate reviews:

“I’ve been a Fiverr affiliate for over 2 years now. Even though I don’t drive a ton of traffic, it’s still one of my top converting programs since lots of people use Fiverr. I easily make $100+ per month passively. Definitely worth joining.”

“As far as affiliate programs go, Fiverr is one of the better ones out there. 20% commissions and recurring revenue make it lucrative. It can take some time to build up your earnings, but it’s paid off for me long-term.”

“Don’t expect to get rich with the Fiverr affiliate program, but you can make decent money if you actively promote it. I’ve had months where I made $500+ in commissions. Overall very satisfied and happy with the results.”

“Fiverr has so many users already, so affiliate marketing for them converts well. I promote it mostly to my email list of freelancers and digital marketers. Decent program but you need some patience as commissions take 60 days to count.”

The consensus from affiliates seems to be that while Fiverr isn’t going to make you rich, it can be a steady source of side income. However, you have to put in consistent promotional effort to see results over time. But considering it’s free and easy to get started with, it’s worth testing out.

Next we’ll dive into more details on how the commission structure works and how much money you can really make.

How Much Money Can You Make with Fiverr’s Affiliate Program?

Now let’s get into the details of the commission structure and revenue share model. Here’s an overview of the key points:

  • Commission Rate – You earn 10%-20% on all qualifying purchases from referred users. This is paid on the total value of the order, before Fiverr’s fees.
  • Frequent Payouts – You can get paid as frequently as every 30 days, as long as your account balance is over $100. If under, earnings roll over.
  • PayPal Payouts – Commissions are paid out via PayPal. You must have a verified PayPal account connected to get paid.
  • Reporting Dashboard – Track clicks, impressions, referrals, commissions earned, and more in real-time with their dashboard.

So how much can you really make? Here’s some average earnings data:

  • Most affiliates earn around $65 per referral on average.
  • Top affiliates who actively promote the program earn $2,000-5,000+ per month.
  • Many see earnings in the $100-$500 per month range.

Your individual earnings potential ultimately depends on your website traffic, audience size, and promotional efforts. Because most services cost $5-500, you need a fair amount of order volume before commissions add up. But the more exposure you can get for your affiliate links, the higher your potential earnings.

While it may take time to build up your affiliate income, Fiverr’s program offers the ability to scale up your promotions over time and increase commissions in the long run. Next we’ll go over some tips for getting started and boosting conversions.

10 Tips for Getting Started and Increasing Fiverr Affiliate Sales

If you’ve decided to join Fiverr’s affiliate program, here are some top tips for getting started out successfully and increasing your conversions:

1. Focus on Audience Targeting – Promote to audiences like freelancers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and marketers who use Fiverr services already. Targeting the right people will net you more commissions.

2. Highlight Specific Services – Don’t just promote Fiverr generally. Highlight specific best-selling services like graphic design, SEO, and video production that you know customers want.

3. Write Reviews and Case Studies – Create reviews and case studies showing real examples of how small businesses can use Fiverr for things like logo design, voiceovers, etc. Reviews drive conversions.

4. Use Side by Side Comparisons – Compare Fiverr to competitors like Upwork to highlight Fiverr’s benefits like faster delivery, simpler ordering, and broader service range.

5. Promote via Paid Ads – Set up pay-per-click campaigns and social media ads driving people to your Fiverr affiliate links for a relatively low cost per conversion. This can scale up your commissions.

6. Focus on High Ticket Services – Emphasize Fiverr Pro services like web development and digital marketing that cost $500+ and bring bigger commissions.

7. Create Coupon Sites – Build niche coupon sites with special Fiverr affiliate promo codes and deals for first-time buyers. Coupons boost conversions.

8. Don’t Overload Links – Add your affiliate links discretely in blog posts and descriptions rather than bombarding people. Less aggressive is better.

9. Promote on YouTube – Create video tutorials and screen recordings highlighting how to use Fiverr effectively as a buyer or seller. YouTube is very convertible.

10. Track Performance – Analyze your top traffic sources, placements, and converting keywords in the affiliate dashboard. Double down on what works.

By focusing on proven affiliate marketing best practices, you can optimize your promotions and improve your commission rates over time.

Alternatives: How Does Fiverr Compare to Other Affiliate Programs?

Fiverr isn’t the only affiliate program available. How does it stack up against some of the top alternatives? Here’s a quick comparison:

Amazon Associates – The king of affiliate marketing, Amazon offers up to 10% commissions. This is relatively lower compared to the commissions offered at Fiverr.

ShareASale – Thousands of affiliate programs from big brands. Commissions vary but Fiverr’s 20% rate is at the upper end of ShareASale’s range.

Bluehost – Leading web hosting platform with $65 average commission but limited products vs. Fiverr’s breadth of services.

Siteground – Another popular web hosting program paying approx. 50% of Bluehost but still lower commission rate than Fiverr.

Etsy – For handmade products. Lower 4-10% commission rate and smaller market than Fiverr services.

Wix – Website builder paying up to $100 per subscription referral but lower conversion rates.

Fiverr holds its own against top programs with higher commissions, broader options, and extensive buyer demand driving conversions. The diverse services and flexible model allow for creativity in promotions too.

Conclusion: A Viable Program for Earning Side Income

In summary, Fiverr’s affiliate program offers a robust opportunity for bloggers, influencers, and online marketers to earn recurring commission income. While rewards take consistency to build, the high commission rate, flexible payouts, extensive buyer demand, and wide array of services give this program real potential for patient affiliates.

As long as you go in with realistic expectations, target the right audiences, highlight the most popular services, and give your promotions time to gain traction, you can earn respectable commissions month after month. Fiverr’s affiliate program gives you the freedom to get creative with your marketing too.

Overall, the minimal requirement to get started combined with strong commissions make Fiverr an affiliate program worth testing out. Just focus on providing value to potential customers, ramp up your efforts gradually, and track what converts best.

So give the Fiverr affiliate program a try and see if you can start earning extra income simply by promoting this popular online marketplace!

Key Takeaways:

  • Earn 20% recurring commissions promoting the Fiverr marketplace
  • Generous payout structure with no minimums
  • Scalable opportunity but requires consistent effort
  • Work best with targeted audience and focus on popular services
  • Consider paid ads or YouTube marketing to boost reach
  • Track performance data and double down on what converts

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review FAQs

1. What is the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

The Fiverr Affiliate Program is a marketing initiative that allows individuals or businesses to earn a commission by promoting Fiverr, a platform that connects freelancers and clients.

2. How do I join the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

To join the Fiverr Affiliate Program, you need to sign up on the Fiverr website and apply for the program. Once approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link that you can use to promote Fiverr and earn commissions.

3. How does the commission structure work?

The commission structure of the Fiverr Affiliate Program varies depending on the type of Fiverr service or product being promoted. Commissions are typically earned per sale made through your affiliate link.

4. What marketing tools are available for affiliates?

Fiverr provides marketing tools such as banners, text links, and widgets that affiliates can use to promote Fiverr effectively. These tools are available in the affiliate dashboard once you join the program.

5. Can I promote Fiverr services other than the basic Gig?

Absolutely! The Fiverr Affiliate Program allows you to promote various Fiverr services, including Fiverr Pro and Fiverr Business, to cater to a wider range of audiences and increase your earning potential.

6. How do I earn a commission?

You can earn a commission by referring new customers to Fiverr through your unique affiliate link. When users click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, you will receive a commission based on the commission structure.

7. Can I use Fiverr to promote my own affiliate marketing products?

Yes, you can use Fiverr to promote your own affiliate marketing products. Fiverr provides a platform where you can hire freelancers to create promotional materials or perform marketing tasks to support your affiliate marketing efforts.

8. How do I receive my commission?

Once you have earned commissions through the Fiverr Affiliate Program, you can withdraw your earnings through your Fiverr account. Fiverr provides options for payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfers.

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