Best Qmee Review 2024 – Is It a Legit Way to Earn Money Online?

Qmee is a rewards website and browser extension that claims to pay you for searching the web, taking surveys, and more. But is Qmee legit or just another scam? This in-depth review will examine how it works, what users are saying, and whether it’s actually possible to make money with the platform.

What is Qmee and How Does it Work?

Qmee review

Qmee is a get-paid-to (GPT) site and browser extension that rewards users for common online activities like searching the web, taking surveys, watching videos, and more. The name “Qmee” comes from “Quick Money Earned Easily”.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • Earn Cash Rewards for Web Searches: Install its browser extension and earn cash rewards when you search the web through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. The platform claims to make web searches more “rewarding”.
  • Get Paid to Take Surveys: Complete online surveys and earn money for sharing your opinion. It provides access to surveys from a variety of survey providers.
  • Cash Back Deals and Rewards: Get cashback when you shop online at popular retailers through the platform. You can also earn rewards for watching promotional videos and completing other online activities.
  • Refer Friends: Get a bonus when you refer your friends to join. You can share your unique referral link to earn a percentage of your friends’ earnings.

The cash rewards you earn can be withdrawn to PayPal or redeemed for gift cards. The platform doesn’t charge any fees to cash out and there’s no minimum withdrawal amount.

Is Qmee Legit or a Scam?

With so many survey and rewards sites turning out to be scams, it’s normal to question if its legit. So is it a scam or is it a real company that actually pays?

After researching extensively, there are no signs it’s a scam:

  • It has been around since 2012 – Founded in the UK, It has been running for over 10 years, which is a long time for a scam company to stay afloat.
  • They have reputable founders and investors – Was founded by serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds from Google and Investec. It’s also backed by well-known investors like Inventure VC.
  • Real people get paid – If you search online, there are many stories of real users getting paid on the platform. Common payout methods include PayPal and Amazon gift cards.
  • Positive reviews – It has over 100,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an “Excellent” rating. Most people report positive experiences.

So in summary, The Platform appears to be a legitimate rewards company that actually pays its users as promised. While no online opportunity is 100% risk-free, It is not an outright scam.

How Much Money Can You Make with Qmee?

The big question – how much money can you realistically earn? Here’s an overview:

  • For search rewards users typically earn $5-15 per month. However, earnings depend on your search activity.
  • For surveys, users report earnings from $5 to $40 per month on average. But it depends on your demographics and how often you take surveys.
  • You can potentially earn $20 to $50+ per month through consistent use of Qmee by searching daily and taking all available surveys.
  • Top performers claim to earn $100+ per month by being very active. But this requires a lot of time and effort.

In summary, it’s possible to earn around $15 to $50 per month with moderate use. But earnings take time to build and vary per person. It takes consistent effort to maximize earnings. For most, it won’t become a full-time income source but can provide nice extra cash.

Pros of Using Qmee

Based on our review, here are the major pros of using the platform:

  • Easy to Get Started – Just install browser extension and create an account. No long questionnaires to get approved.
  • Fast Payments – Get paid instantly to PayPal with no minimum payout. Much faster than most survey sites.
  • Reputable Site – Positive reputation online with legitimate founders and investors. Much more trustworthy than sketchy survey scams.
  • Decent Earning Potential – Users report earning $15 to $50+ per month. Extra cash for little efforts.
  • Variety of Rewards – Get paid for web searches, surveys, cashback, videos, games, and more. Flexible earning options.
  • Referral Program – Earn passive income from referring friends. Good way to increase payouts.

For the most part, Qmee offers a smooth and convenient user experience. It’s one of the better paid survey and rewards platforms out there.

Cons of Using Qmee

However, there are some potential downsides to consider:

  • Rewards are Small – Most payments are just a few cents. Need to earn a lot to get meaningful cash rewards.
  • Limited Surveys – The number of available surveys depends on your demographics. Some report frequent disqualifications.
  • Search Rewards Vary – Your searches may not always trigger cash rewards consistently.
  • Takes Time to Earn – You won’t get rich with Qmee. Earnings are slow and incremental over time.
  • Website Feels Outdated – The Qmee website design looks a bit dated compared to some modern survey sites.
  • Must Use Browser Extension – Required to earn search rewards. Some users don’t like installing extensions.

For most people, the pros outweigh the cons. But its rewards do require consistent effort and patience over time.

Who is Qmee Best For?

The Platform can be a great way to earn extra cash for some types of users:

  • Students – A flexible way for students to earn money in their free time around classes. Just take surveys and earn rewards while studying.
  • Stay-at-Home Parents – Parents can earn while at home raising kids by taking surveys and searching online. Flexible for busy parents.
  • Anyone with Free Time – If you have some extra free time between other tasks, Qmee is an easy way to earn side money.
  • Retirees/Seniors – An easy extra income stream for retirees with time on their hands. The surveys provide a mental challenge too.
  • International Users – Available worldwide and pays users in many countries via PayPal. Good option for worldwide users.

As you can see, the platform is great for earning extra cash for anyone with some flexible spare time. Students, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and international users tend to benefit the most.

What Do Users Think About Qmee?

To better understand it, let’s look at some reviews and testimonials from real users:

“I’ve earned a decent amount of money from using Qmee. I like that there’s no minimum payout so you can cash out anytime. Payments are quick too! I get paid every week to PayPal. It’s legit.”

“Qmee has given me some nice extra spending money each month. I use it daily and earn $50-100 a month pretty easily. I mostly do the surveys and search wins. Overall it’s worth using if you have spare time.”

“This is one of the better survey sites I’ve used. Lots of surveys to take and the extension makes earning easy. I’ve earned around $30 the past month on Qmee which is nice for a little extra side money.”

“I’m shocked that I actually get paid to search on Qmee! I’ve earned about $5 a week with minimal effort. The payments may be small but they add up. And I like that it’s paid instantly to PayPal with no minimum cash out.”

The majority of reviews are positive from users who have earned real money with the platform. There are some negative reviews from users who felt they didn’t qualify for enough surveys. But overall, most feedback is good and it seems to pay as advertised.

How to Maximize Your Earnings with Qmee

Here are some tips to earn the most money possible on their website or app based on advice from top users:

  • Use it Daily – Check frequently and build up your earnings over time. Daily activity is key.
  • Take All Surveys Possible – Complete every available survey you qualify for. The more surveys you take, the more you earn.
  • Search Strategically – Search topics like “best travel insurance” rather than just “Google” to trigger more rewards.
  • Use their Mobile App – Download the app to earn on-the-go. There are mobile-only rewards.
  • Install on All Devices – Install their browser’s extension on desktop, laptop, tablet, etc to earn everywhere.
  • Refer Friends – Share your Qmee referral link and get a bonus when friends sign up and earn.
  • Cash Out Frequently – Withdraw your earnings regularly since there’s no minimum payout amount.
  • Take Advantage of Promos – Complete special promos and offers to earn limited-time bonuses.

The more active you are, the more rewards you can potentially earn. Consistency over time is the key.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Getting Started with Qmee

If you’re ready to give it a try, here is a quick step-by-step walkthrough to get started:

  1. Sign Up: Go to and click “Join” to create your free account. Enter your email and create a password.
  2. Install Browser Extension: Download and install their browser’s extension on Chrome, Firefox, etc. This allows you to earn search rewards.
  3. Complete Profile: Fill out some basic profile info like demographics. This helps you qualify for surveys.
  4. Earn Search Rewards: Do some searches using Google or Bing. Look for the rewards popping up on your screen.
  5. Take Surveys: Check the “Surveys” section and browse available surveys. Complete them to earn cash.
  6. Cash Out: Once you earn enough rewards, withdraw your earnings instantly to PayPal or for a gift card.
  7. Refer Friends: Share your unique referral link to invite friends and earn.

It’s quick and easy to get started. Within minutes, you can start earning rewards through web searches and paid surveys.

Qmee Review Conclusion – Is It Worth Using?

After extensively researching and trying it out ourselves, we can safely say it is 100% legit, pays as advertised, and is worth using if you want to earn a little extra money in your free time.

The Platform has many advantages over other survey scam sites:

  • It’s free to join with no hidden fees
  • Fast PayPal payments with no minimum withdrawal
  • Get paid for simple activities like web searches
  • Earn points quickly from high survey volume

While you won’t earn a full-time income, It provides an easy way to earn $15 – $50+ per month doing simple tasks online from home. The rewards can quickly add up to extra spending money.

Overall, we recommend giving Qmee a try if you want to earn some extra side cash. Just don’t expect it to make you rich as it still requires consistent effort over time. For busy people, The platform is a great option since you can earn during short breaks throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the platform:

Q: Is Qmee legit or a scam?

Qmee is 100% legit, pays as described, and has lots of happy users earning real cash rewards. It is definitely not a scam.

Q: How much money can I earn on Qmee?

Most users earn $15 – $50+ per month. Heavy users report earning $100+ monthly. But earnings depend on your activity level.

Q: How do I get paid on Qmee?

You can instantly withdraw your earnings to PayPal or redeem various gift cards with no fees or minimums.

Q: Is there a Qmee app I can use?

Yes, there is a Qmee app for iOS and Android to earn rewards on your phone or tablet. But you need the browser extension on desktop to earn search rewards.

Q: Is Qmee worth it?

For the limited time commitment, Qmee provides a good reward rate. If you have spare time and want to earn extra cash, Qmee is definitely worth trying out.

Q: Is there a referral program?

Yes! You can earn 10% of your referred friends’ earnings for life. Share your unique referral link to earn passive income.

Q: How long do Qmee payments take?

Qmee payments are instant. When you cash out your earnings are immediately sent to PayPal or your gift card balance.

Q: Can I earn on multiple devices?

Yes. Install the Qmee browser extension on all your devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, etc to maximize your earning potential.

Q: Does Qmee work outside the US?

Yes, Qmee is available worldwide and pays members in many countries via PayPal. Not just limited to the US.

Overall, Qmee stands out as a top survey and rewards platform that actually rewards users for their time as advertised. If you have spare time and want to earn a little extra cash, we highly recommend trying out Qmee.

Just don’t expect it to become your full-time job. But as a side hustle, you can earn decent rewards for the minimal time commitment. Sign up for Qmee today and start earning!

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