The Top 10 Best Fiverr Gigs for Students to Make Money Online in 2024

Fiverr is one of the easiest and most popular ways for students to make money online in 2024. With Fiverr, you can join the freelance revolution and start offering your skills and services right away. In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the 10 best Fiverr gigs that students can use to earn great money working from home.

Why Fiverr is One of the Best Ways for Students to Make Money Online

Fiverr has become massively popular among students looking to earn extra cash and gain valuable freelance experience. Here are some of the main reasons why Fiverr is a great option:

  • Extremely easy to join – Just create an account and you can start selling services right away. No lengthy application or onboarding process.
  • Huge range of gigs – Fiverr offers an incredibly diverse range of over 400 categories from graphic design to writing and video editing. There are abundant opportunities for students.
  • Make money fast – You get paid as soon as the work is completed. No waiting around for invoices or payments.
  • Build a profile & reviews – Each gig completed builds up your profile which makes it easier to land more work and charge higher prices.
  • Flexible work – You can work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. Ideal for students with changing schedules.
  • Global marketplace – Sell your services to a potential audience of millions of buyers from all around the world.
  • Low commitment – Most gigs only take a few hours to complete. You can start small with micro-gigs.

10 Of The Best Fiverr Gigs For Students in 2023

Fiverr has a huge range of categories and services available. Here are 10 of the best options for students looking to make money on Fiverr:

1. Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most popular and in-demand skills on Fiverr. As a student graphic designer, you can offer services like logo design, banner ads, business cards, web graphics, book covers and more. With so many small businesses and startups looking for graphic design help, this is a highly lucrative gig.

2. Copywriting

Strong writing skills are invaluable. On Fiverr, you can offer copywriting services for sales pages, website content, newsletters, social media posts, SEO articles and blog posts. Lots of the buyers on Fiverr are small business owners who need writing and content creation help.

3. Data Entry

Data entry may seem boring but it is a quick and easy way for students to make money in their spare time. Everyone from large companies to independent bloggers need help entering and organizing data. No advanced skills are required and you can listen to music or podcasts while you work.

4. Virtual Assistant

If you have great organizational and administrative skills, become a virtual assistant. People are always looking to outsource tasks like scheduling appointments, travel planning, email management, data entry, customer service and more.

5. Video Editing

Video editing is a high-value skill. As a student video editor on Fiverr you can offer to edit vlogs, game videos, highlight reels and other social media content. You can start simple by just cutting and splicing together footage then move up to more advanced video effects and animations.

6. Voice Overs

Lots of content creators, animators and advertisers need voice over work. If you have a clear, professional-sounding voice, you can easily sell your vocal talents on Fiverr. Commercial voice over work pays especially well.

7. Translation

If you’re bilingual, translation services are a great option. Plenty of businesses and individuals need translations for their websites, whitepapers, legal documents and more. Bonus points if you know multiple languages!

8. Book Covers

Original and eye-catching book covers are critical for independent authors on Kindle and KDP. As an artistic student, you can provide affordable and quality book cover design services. Book cover design pays well and builds your portfolio.

9. Online Tutoring

More students than ever are turning to online tutors. On Fiverr, you can easily offer virtual tutoring for subjects you’re studying or areas you’re already familiar with. You set your own hours and many subjects like math, physics and languages are in high demand.

10. Web Research

Quickly monetize your internet research skills by offering web research services on Fiverr. People and companies need help finding and compiling online information and data. Web research is simple, flexible and has lots of potential on Fiverr.

Tips for Students to Maximize Earnings on Fiverr

Here are some pro tips to help students make the most money on Fiverr:

  • Set competitive yet realistic prices – Check what top sellers charge for similar services. Offer discounts to get your first customers.
  • Provide quick delivery and great service – Build a reputation for speedy delivery and quality work to get more orders and 5-star reviews.
  • Upsell add-ons – Offer special upgrades and additions that buyers can add to orders for extra money.
  • Offer packages and bundles – Create gigs with multiple services bundled together at a discounted rate.
  • Promote your gigs – Drive external traffic to your gigs through social media posts, online ads and keyword optimization.
  • Expand your services – Once you have positive reviews, create more gigs and expand the services you offer.
  • Go above and beyond – Add value by providing revision options, free samples and custom requests.
  • Join the Fiverr Pro program – Applying to become a Pro seller gives you access to bigger buyers and higher gig pricing.
  • Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program– Apply to become an affiliate with Fiverr. This will enable you to make more money promoting Fiverr services.


With so many categories and built-in tools to boost earnings, Fiverr provides the perfect online platform for students to start working as freelancers. The gigs mentioned in this article – graphic design, copywriting, virtual assistance and more – are some of the most profitable yet easy-to-start options.

So sign up for your Fiverr account today and start building your own freelance business! The flexible work hours and large target audience gives students huge money making potential now and valuable experience that looks great on a resume. Just provide great service, get positive reviews and the earnings will quickly follow. Will you become the next Fiverr success story?

Summary of Main Points:

  • Fiverr makes it extremely easy for students to offer freelance services right away. Just create an account and start selling.
  • There are thousands of categories to choose from. Graphic design, copywriting and virtual assistance are great options.
  • You get paid quickly as soon as the work is delivered. No waiting around.
  • Build up your seller profile and positive reviews to get more orders.
  • You have total control over when you work and how much you take on.
  • Fiverr gives access to millions of potential buyers around the world.
  • Start small by offering micro-gigs and simple services at first.
  • Deliver great service and expand your offerings over time to increase earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is Fiverr?

A: Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can offer their services, also known as gigs, to clients around the world.

Q: What are the best Fiverr jobs for students in 2023?

A: The best Fiverr jobs for students in 2023 vary depending on their skills and interests, but some popular options include graphic design, virtual assistant, social media management, content writing, and web development.

Q: How can students make money on Fiverr?

A: Students can make money on Fiverr by creating a profile, showcasing their skills, and offering services that cater to their expertise. They can then market their gigs, deliver quality work to clients, and earn money through the platform.

Q: Can students work on Fiverr while studying?

A: Yes, students can work on Fiverr while studying as the platform offers flexibility in terms of working hours. They can choose to take on gigs that fit their schedule and workload.

Q: Are there many jobs for students in 2023 on Fiverr?

A: Yes, there are many jobs for students in 2023 on Fiverr. The platform is constantly growing, and there are various opportunities for students to earn money and gain valuable work experience.

Q: What are some tips to land the best Fiverr gigs as a student?

A: To land the best Fiverr gigs as a student, it is important to showcase your skills and expertise through your profile, offer competitive prices, provide excellent customer service, and deliver high-quality work to clients.

Q: Is Fiverr a good platform for students to make money from home?

A: Yes, Fiverr is a good platform for students to make money from home. It allows them to utilize their skills and work on their own terms, providing a convenient way to earn income while balancing their studies.

Q: How can students find the best gigs on Fiverr?

A: Students can find the best gigs on Fiverr by using the search engine and filtering results based on their interests, skills, and desired income. They can also browse through different categories and read reviews from other buyers to find gigs that match their needs.

Q: What are the top Fiverr gig ideas for students?

A: Some top Fiverr gig ideas for students include logo design, video editing, social media management, website development, content writing, proofreading, and translation services. These gigs are in high demand and can be profitable for students.

Q: How can students make more money on Fiverr?

A: Students can make more money on Fiverr by continuously improving their skills, expanding their service offerings, delivering exceptional work, maintaining a high rating, and promoting their gigs through social media and other platforms.

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